hey im emmett the king of self loathing

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I’m literally crying


Ocarina of Time-Minuet of The Forest Harp and Ocarina duet

also nice job putting white washing in quotes l m f ao

mikachocolat asked: actually the "whitewashing" is just the crappy lighting of a phone pic! someone went out and bought the shirt and took a pic of it to prove it which i can send you if you'd like!

did you see the last post i reblogged on this.

there were literally like 6 different p hotos where he was lighter in every single one

it was not bc of the photo i assure you

Given Hot Topics’ track record of stolen stuff though, can you blame us for thinking this one was stolen too?

yes bc that contest was literally all over tumblr for like two months

the homestuck shirt at hot topic was not stolen jfc


The meta sequel to that dumb frank video that got popular